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Sold Them Some old Broken Jewelry...  

When I called Golden Rule a man named Kevin answered the phone. He advised me that the store was not quite open yet, but they were in the process of pricing and tagging the merchandise.
I had taken my things to all of the other places in town and wanted to see what they would pay. When I walked into the store, I was amazed at all of the cool and interesting things they were unpacking.
He was very kind and open as to how he was figuring the price he would pay, and when he was all done, he added up what they would pay me. I was amazed at how much more they were willing to pay than the pawn and jewelry stores up town.
Daniel's Jewelers offered me the lowest price - they said they would "give me a little less than they could order a new stuff for.
One place offered me $460. All of the other places in town were in around the $700 range. Kevin at Golden Rule offered me $1118 for my things. I was amazed. I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

- Kayla Horton  |   09/30/2012

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